05.05.21 Shooting Villa la Piaggetta

In early May, in a still unstable spring, we reached Lake Massaciuccoli, inside the Migliarino park.

It is a wild and fascinating place with canals, birds of passage, reeds that bend in the wind. On the shores of the lake stands the Piaggetta (Villa Ginori) a magnificent neo-Gothic style residence surrounded by exotic trees and palms of various species. The eclectic atmosphere of the early 1900s can still be felt here today, when Giacomo Puccini, a friend of the owners, composed La Bohème.

This mixture of styles was echoed in the colors of the floral decorations and graphic coordinates, in the casual style of the mise en place, in the pattern of the fabrics of the bride’s gown…all was in harmony with the characteristics of the location.

What continues to enchant us today is the view of the lake in its stillness, the water that penetrates under the arches of the villa, the silence and rustling of the reeds in the wind, the poignant sunsets.

It is a dream-like atmosphere, a perfect setting for a future wedding.

Movie: Wedding Key Studio 

Photographer: Antonella Catì

Design, concept and planning: Petit Bouquet Weddings

Model: Gaia del Vanga

Floreal design: Ilenia Florist 

Wedding dress: Daphne Milano

Make up: Valentina Belloni

Additional Forniture: Kallira Jewelry, Self Party

Stationery: Ilaria Arduini

Venue: Villa La Piaggetta (Villa Ginori)

Wedding Cake: xxviolaxx84

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