11.04.2021 Shooting Villa Dei 100 Camini

After a thousand phone calls and messages to coordinate everyone, the date could no longer be moved and of course the weather promised to be unstable! The destination was the Medici villa of Artimino.

Artimino is an ancient medieval village enclosed by walls and known for the “Villa dei 100 Camini” (Villa of the 100 chimneys)  called “Ferdinanda”, one of the most important Medici villas in Tuscany.

It was built at the bequest of Ferdinando dei Medici in just four years on a hill facing the ancient village.

Thus, descending from the main staircase in pietra serena that ends with the two rounded symmetrical ramps, we were enveloped by a thick fog that covered the view of the surrounding landscape with a veil of mystery.

Slowly the mist cleared and the sun broke through, giving us evocative images: the magnificent round arched door, the loggia with the four Doric columns on the main floor, the benches in pietra forte, the terracotta floors.

The Renaissance-inspired black and white images, the elegant and sumptuous simplicity of the dresses, the damask fabrics for the equipment, the graphic coordinates in nibbled cardboard and the refined combination of the colors of the flowers, everything was in tune with the villa. 

Movie: Wedding Key Studio & Lumiere Wedding Films

Photographer: Isabella Pratesi

Model: Beatrice Lorenzi

Floreal design: Deborah Ferri

Wedding dress: Annalisa Atelier

Make up: Green Abbracciavento

Additional Forniture: Egizia 

Stationery: Manifattura Calligrafica

Venue: Tenuta di Artimino 

Wedding Cake: Sweetiepie love di Natascia Bachini

Shooting Gallery